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Sick of holding yourself back?


• RELEASE all negative emotions from a traumatic experience QUICKLY AND EASILY (including FEAR, SADNESS, ANGER, HURT, GUILT, REGRET, RESENTMENT, DOUBT etc in one session guaranteed)

• LET GO of all limiting beliefs that hold you back from REACHING YOUR POTENTIAL

• ELIMINATE BAD HABITS Eg: Smoking, Drinking, Over Eating


• Overcoming procrastination and INCREASING your internal MOTIVATION

Karen A Karen A, Marion Paul, Thanks so much for today's session. It really was a breakthrough for me. You helped me find that defining moment in my past that created the barriers that were holding me back, barriers in my life that I could not break down until today as they were so deep routed. I really felt a shift right down to my core, like the shedding of a heavy cloak that I didn’t even know I had on. Because you could see what I could not see, you were able to help me see myself for the first time - it was so profound, my whole perspectives are completely different, I feel like a better version of myself. I am still amazed at the wonder of it all. Thank you.
C B C B, Adelaide I was unfortunately confronted with a situation which I wish upon no one. Since that event I have found the smallests of tasks difficult which anyone else wouldn't think twice about. I have tried several types of therapy to recover however none have helped me overcome the fear that I have suffered for the past 2.5 years. I came to a point where I could no longer put up with the enormous emotional barrier which affected me everyday so I spoke to Paul and booked a NLP session with him. To be honest, I was doubtful that it would help me and I considered cancelling my session but figured I had nothing else to lose. The process Paul used was extremely interesting and affective.  After only a couple of hours with him I instantly felt safe, comfortable, about 20kg lighter and I now have a smile on my face. It is hard for me to put into words exactly how I feel after my session but I know I have complete trust with Paul and only wish I had made time to see him earlier. I can happily say that I have moved on from my fear and have the confidence to recommend Paul to anyone.
Michelle Powell Michelle Powell, Sydney To whom it may concern, After experiencing NLP, Hypnosis and TLT with Paul Eliseo I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for bringing such an amazing experience into my life. After being a Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach for many years I didn’t just trust anyone to learn off of and to help me get to the next level within my own personal life. That’s why I came to Paul. His knowledge, intelligence and genuine commitment to help others become the best they can possible be is obvious by the way Paul conducts himself and his sessions. I firstly thought that Hypnosis, NLP and TLT would be hard, scary and a little confronting. However, with Pauls help and guidance I found it to be the exact opposite. I was amazed by how it works, how easy it is and how you can literally change your life by changing your thinking and going to the source of where the problems stemmed from in the first place. Now after experiencing how it has personally helped me I myself believe this is the next level in my own personal career and can once again thank Paul for introducing it to me. I would whole-heartedly recommend Paul to anyone considering personal training sessions, holistic, Hypnosis, NLP and TLT sessions. Seeing Paul isn’t just seeing any trainer but seeing a true life coach help you flourish within all aspects of your life.
K A K A, Adelaide I used to always have this fear inside, afraid to be me, afraid to look at people in the eyes for fear they would see the awful person that I thought I was, afraid to succeed in life, fearful of conflict and always putting myself second to everyone and everything, hiding behind a veil of ‘no-one can hurt me or touch me’.  And, because I was so fearful of being my own true self, I was not living my life to the fullest. I felt the only way I could be myself was to loosen up over a few drinks, so I drank. Not so much as to become dependant on it, but enough to hide from the pain of dealing with my shortcomings.  I always felt more confidant when I had a few drinks and wished I could be the person I was when I was tipsy, but when I was sober, if you know what I mean, for although I hid it well behind a façade of confidence and smiles, inside I was not at peace and could not silence the voices/thoughts in my head.

Today, I am so peaceful and content inside, I marvel at the wonder of it all.  When I tune in to my thoughts, there are no more limiting beliefs there, there is no sadness or doubts, there is just peace and joy.  I wish I could have know about this years ago, I would not have had a weight problem all my life, I would not waste so much time being so afraid or anxious, I would be me and I would shine as I do now.

If you are not living to your true potential, or you are finding yourself going through the same destructive cycle over and over again, there is something holding you back.  These are your limiting beliefs and this is something you need to do for yourself. Give yourself the gift of love and happiness – you will be amazed by the deep sense of peace, joy and contentment you will feel.  My life has changed because of this and yours will too.