Evolve Hypnosis Practitioners Course

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you make rapid changes in yourself and your clients

 Hypnosis can help you to:

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Reduce stress and anxiety

Remove addictions (Quit smoking, Food, Alcohol)

Remove past trauma

Pain Reduction

Increase Peak Performance (sports, work)

Whats Involved:

Pre Study (Audio and course manual to prepare you for the training)

6 Days of Training (so you get real practical skills and confidence)

Rapid inductions (to save time and get your clients deeper faster)

Conversational Hypnosis (inductions and change work)

Mind Bending Language (allows you to blow out problems with just a few words)

Regression techniques (to change past traumas, get resource or overcome addictions)

Revivification (to build positive emotions eg: confidence, relaxation, motivation)

Dynamic Mental Journey (use symbols to teach the unconscious mind to change)

The 2 Future Technique (use pain and pleasure to create new associations at an unconscious level)

Non-Awareness Set (Bypass any resistance and make change quickly)

The Hypnotic Blitz (how to use a conversation to create change)

Course manual (including all inductions and change work)

Other inductions and techniques (including sales tools etc)

2 Certifications (As a Hypnotherapist and an Evolve Conversational Hypnotherapist)

What makes an Evolve Hypnotherapist different than any other Hypnotherapist?

Evolve Hypnotherapists will be taught the most up to date and advanced hypnotic techniques. Unlike other trainings you will not just sit and read off a script or be forced to be a script parrot, providing you with no real skills. Evolve Hypnotherapists will learn real practical skills that focus on procedures that are proven and flexible, allowing you to become a versatile therapist who isn’t forced to read a piece of paper instead of focusing on your clients.

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